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 English GK:- Every Month Odisha Government conduct so many exams. So that We must prepare all the Exams. In this Page we Provide all Exam Syllabus, Previous Year Questions, Exam Pattern And Other Important Notification. Every Year very few students get selected in these exam because they could not practice properly. So that We conduct these, that’s why the students practice these questions and win exciting prizes.

 In this page we provide all English Questions, English all questions, All english question answer, English Grammar, English new verbal Grammar. All State and Central Government Reasoning which help you to get benefits on your career. All Exam Reasoning, All Exam Current Affairs, Reasoning and Other Important Information.

What We Provide in this Page:-

● English preposition

● English grammar

● English questions fill the blank

● English verbs

● English verbal questions

● English new exam pattern

In this page we focus on 100+ English MCQ for all state and Central Government Exams. These English MCQ Questions & Answers will help you to clearing all Competitive Exams, Which will help you to built your Career.

How to prepare for all exam MCQ Questions
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Before Starting Prepare For Odisha Exams;-

● Any must be print the PDF of the Syllabus first

● Prepared Own Notes

● Previous Year Question Papers

Why this is So Important for Your Career:-

This is so much important for your career. If you answer these questions, We will provide Prize money to the lucky contestants who give the right answer. So that we gives you opportunity to win prizes which is so much important for your careers.

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Answer these Questions;-

The Local Teams Scored three goals___ the first half of the Match ?

A- At

B- For

C- In

D- On

Ans- in

Many Species of insects were wiped ____ when the jungle was cleared ?

A- of

B- away

C- off

D- out

Ans- out

 You can obtain the answer ___ adding the date of birth to this figure.

A- to

B- buy

C- on

D- in

Ans- by

 There was a rapid development ___ the post -war years ?

A- during

B- towards

C- among

D- by

Ans- during

 Most ___ the tourists enjoyed the visit to the Taj Mahal ?

A- between

B- with

C- of

D- off

Ans- of

 The Railway tracks run ___ the river ?

A- by

B- on

C- over

D- Across

Ans- Across

 Please wait for me. I will be finished ____ five or 10 minutes ?

A- it

B- for

C- in

D- at

Ans- in

 My Uncle, who is a businessman often travels ___ air ?

A- from



D- in

Ans- by

 You can move around the town ____ foot as it is not very Big ?

A- on

B- in

C- by

D- from

Ans- on

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